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    Shanghai Excellent Chemical Co. Ltd provide custom synthesis, contract manufacturing and processing services.

    We offer custom synthesis intermediates, bulk drugs, lead compounds and compound libraries. We provide reliable quality assurance system. Our detection methods may include: (NMR, LCMS, HPLC, GC, etc.)

    We are committed to provide customers with high quality, reasonably priced products. Credibility of the first, focus on the long-term development objectives of the contract. Willing to establish long-term cooperative partnership with domestic and international chemical and pharmaceutical companies. For the global chemical and pharmaceutical company into our value!

    We will be the most rapid and cost accounting to the client to make the most reasonable pricing, we provide products have reliable data as a quality assurance.

    We uphold the & ldquo; people-oriented, technology-first, quality on & rdquo; and & ldquo; create good corporate image & rdquo; business philosophy, and will strive to itself as the country's leading chemical excellent brand.

    Tel:+86-021-33559231  +86-021-31137786


    Fax:+86-021-33559231  +86-021-31137786

    E-mail: sales@excellentchem.com 


    Skype: excellentchem

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    E-mail: sales@excellentchem.com